Discussions around the world of suspected sabotage behind Iranian President’s accident

Tehran (Iran) – There is worldwide speculation about whether the death of Iranian President Raisi, caused by a helicopter crash near the Azerbaijan border, was an act of sabotage. In this context, some suspicious factors have emerged. Iran has yet to make an official statement regarding this matter. Additionally, Iran’s adversaries, the US and Israel, have not officially responded to the incident.

1. President Raisi’s helicopter had taken off from the Afarin Hydropower Project site in Azerbaijan and reached the Jolfa region near the Iranian border. Notably, it is said that Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad has several secret locations near the Azerbaijan border, leading to suspicions that Mossad might have conducted an electronic attack on the helicopter.

2. It is speculated that the helicopter’s navigation and communication systems were targeted in this attack. Mossad might have disrupted the helicopter’s satellite connection, causing a failure in its communication systems, and leading the helicopter off its intended course. The pilot might have lost awareness of the helicopter’s altitude due to the shutdown of the onboard computer systems, resulting in a collision with a hill. Bad weather is also said to be behind this accident.

3. At the crash site, small fragments of the helicopter were found, raising suspicions of an explosion. The absence of any emergency message from the pilot before the crash adds to the theory that the helicopter might have exploded.

4. It is questioned whether the crew received timely weather updates, as weather information is typically gathered before a flight. This raises doubts about whether President Raisi’s helicopter team was informed about adverse weather conditions.

5. Reports indicate that the pilot had turned off the communication system before the helicopter crashed. The reasons behind this action remain unclear.

6. There are reports that someone inside the helicopter was in contact with an outside individual before the crash. Questions arise about whether the flight routes were leaked or if the helicopter underwent a proper inspection before take-off. Additionally, it is noteworthy that President Raisi’s helicopter was over 40 years old.