We will not allow anyone to harm India : Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabri

Colombo (Sri Lanka) – “We want to work with all the countries; but we will not compromise any other country’s security for that. If India raises security concerns, we will definitely look into it. Our country is committed to India’s security. As a responsible neighbour, we will not allow anyone to harm India,” stated Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Ali Sabry while explaining Sri Lanka’s position in the context of China’s threat to India’s security. He was speaking in an interview to ANI news agency. He was answering a question about Sri Lanka allowing Chinese spy ships to dock at Sri Lankan ports. India had objected in this regard. Sri Lanka subsequently refused to allow Chinese ships to dock at their ports in September 2023.

Sabry added that China has recently emerged as India’s largest trading partner. Similarly, Sri Lanka also wants to work together with India; but we will never compromise the third party.

Expressed desire to participate in ‘BRICS’

Foreign Minister Sabry said that after India’s participation in BRICS, it has become a ‘good body’. We will also try to participate in BRICS. We have been invited to the meeting of Foreign Ministers of BRICS countries.