Indian-origin student arrested for pro-Palestine protest

Action taken at the prestigious Princeton University in the United States

New Jersey (USA) – Amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, support for Palestine is growing in the United States. Princeton University, one of the 8 prestigious Ivy League institutions, has seen protests in solidarity with Palestine. Achinthya Shivalingam, a student of Indian origin, was arrested for her involvement in these protests. The university has announced disciplinary action against her.

1. Achinthya, a native of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, residing in Columbus, Ohio, was arrested on 25thApril alongside fellow student Hasan Syed.

2. They set up a tent on the McCosh campus of the university as part of their protest. Initially, around 110 people were estimated to be present, but the crowd grew to 300 by noon.

3. ” Two graduate students were arrested after receiving warnings from the Department of Public Safety to cease the protest,” stated the university.

4. Protests have escalated at prominent universities across the United States, including Harvard and Yale, following the arrest of over 100 individuals at Columbia University in New York last week.

5. According to Reuters, nearly 550 individuals have been arrested in the past week alone.