Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing incredible work

  • Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Bank USA, praises India’s Prime Minister
  • 40 crore Indians rise above the poverty line

New York (USA) – Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing incredible work for India. Even though the media in India opposes Modi, he has made it a point to lift 400 million Indians out of poverty. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, a global bank, made such praises about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He was addressing an event called the ‘Economic Club of New York’ organized here.

Dimon further said that Prime Minister Modi is a strong leader and has done a difficult job. People keep on advising him, but he has done an incredible job. Prime Minster has opened bank accounts for 70 crore people. The entire country is moving towards development because of this one person. India has 29 states that are the same size as the entire Europe; because every state in India has a completely different tax structure. This is causing massive corruption. Prime Minister Modi is trying to stop it, Dimon said.