Muslims sacrificed the most in the freedom movement : H Anjaneya, Former Minister, Karnataka

Shameless statement by a leader of Congress party, which lives on Muslim votes

Chitradurga (Karnataka) – Recently, Karnataka’s Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivkumar of the Congress party, had stated that BJP is causing mental torture to Muslims. This statement was supported by a Senior Congress Leader H Anjaneya, while speaking at Chitradurga. He added, “No matter how much trouble is caused, those who live in this country will not have to leave the country. That is out of the question. All those who live here are children of the same mother. Muslims also participated in the freedom movement. Did the British ask whether someone is a Muslim, Sikh, Lingayat or Brahmin, before they fired the bullets ? Muslims sacrificed the most while driving out the British.”

Anjaneya added, “We have built the Nation. We will win, and we will rule. (Anjaneya is daydreaming – Editor). 75% Hindus support us and Muslims do not want anything from the BJP, but what have Hindus gained from the BJP, on the contrary, Hindus have got relegated because of the word Hindu.

Editorial Perspective

If Muslims sacrificed the most for the freedom of India, why did they allow partition ? By making such provoking statements, Congress is insulting the sacrifice made by Hindus. Hindus will never forget such statements of Congress.