Hindu girl loses sight in one eye : Administration demolishes Ayan Pathan’s house with bulldozer

Case of Love Jihad and inhuman torture of Hindu girl by Ayan Pathan in Guna, MP

Ayan Pathan (left), Victim (right) Credits : India Today

Guna (MP) – The case of the rape of a Hindu girl by a Muslim youth named Ayan Pathan has now turned ugly. The victim, who is in a critical condition, has lost sight in one eye and vision in her other eye has also started to reduce. She has been moved to an hospital in Gwalior from Guna District Hospital for further treatment. Ayan’s house was built on government land, hence the Municipality issued a notice and a reply was sought within 12 hours. After more than 12 hours, with no response from Ayan’s family, the administration finally bulldozed Ayan’s house on 21st April. Madhya Pradesh BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia has also demanded strict action against the accused.

When the representative of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ contacted the Additional Superintendent of Police of Guna District, Man Singh Thakur, he claimed that this incident was not a Love Jihad and the victim belonged to a poor family. She and Ayan were in love for 2 years. Ayan beat her up to ‘get her wealth’.

What is the case ?

Ayan lured the Hindu girl into a love trap. He had an evil eye on the land and property of this poor girl. He had brutally beaten her to get it. Also raped many times. He used to put chilli on her wounds. He had glued her lips with ‘Fevikwik’ so that she would not scream. Ayan had hit the girl’s both the eyes with broom handle and then with a stone.

Editorial Perspective

Such incidents will not stop by merely bulldozing the house, but by hanging the love jihadists. The concerned Hindus are demanding that the Union government should make a strict law for this.