Religious fanatics pelt stones at Shriram Navami procession and beat up Hindus at Deopur

Case filed against only 4 religious fanatics

Deopur (Dist. Dhule) – Religious fanatics pelted stones at devotees in Shriram Navami procession for playing songs praising Shriram near the Noorani mosque. They also beat up 5-6 Hindus. It created chaos among Hindus, resulting in a few devotees getting injured in the stampede. Deopur Police filed cases against 4 religious fanatics. The incident took place on 18th April 2024 at 11:45 a.m. (Religious fanatics dare to thrash Hindus since they know Hindus never retaliate and are always at the receiving end – Editor).

1. Every year, devotees walk towards Saptashrungi fort on Shriram Navami playing devotional songs praising Shriram on the way. Devotees come not only from across Maharashtra but also from Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. This year too, devotees were walking through Deopur’s Shirpur Noor Nagar area in the morning; playing devotional songs in the background on DJ. Even ballads were played on the occasion.

2. Religious fanatics argued and forced the devotees to stop the use of DJ and beat up 5–6 devotees in the procession. Mr Anup Agrawal, a BJP worker, helped the injured devotees while condemning the incident.

3. Deputy Superintendent of Police Reddy visited the place of the incident later and discussed the matter with devotees. He deployed more Policemen, but by that time, the devotees were enraged and demanded stringent action against religious fanatics.

4. Mr Anup Agrawal and ‘Gourakshak’ Sanjay Sharma went to the Police Station to discuss the matter while demanding to nab the religious fanatics involved in stone-pelting and beating up Hindus.

Police bullying Hindus and favouring religious fanatics

Police always deny permission to devout Hindus to take out processions from Deopur via the Chalisgaon route, on the day of Shiv Jayanti and during the Ganesh festival, citing the reason that a mosque stands along that route, however, Muslims always take out a procession on Chalisgaon road without any fear, with the permission of the Police on the same road. Such discriminatory behaviour of the Police and their Hindu hatred is creating strong reactions among Hindus. They are demanding equal treatment for all.