Fanatic Muslims attack Shriram Navami procession near a mosque in Bokaro (Jharkhand) : 12 injured

Bokaro (Jharkhand) – The procession held on the occasion of Shriram Navami was stopped by fanatic Muslims in front of a mosque. This was followed by stone-pelting and some vehicles were also set on fire. More than 12 Hindus as well as one Police officer were injured. Currently, a significant Police force has been deployed in the area and Section 144 (prohibition of assembly) has been imposed. Notably, the Police had previously warned those storing stones on rooftops along the route, using drones to inspect the rooftops.

Editorial Perspective

In India, holding a Shriram Navami procession near a mosque has become a crime in the last few years; yet, the authorities and Police fail to protect Hindus. This is shameful for the majority Hindu population.