Sugar contents found in baby foods sold in India by the foreign company ‘Nestle’

  • No sugar added in baby foods sold in developed countries like Germany and Britain
  • Sugar is harmful to children’s health

New Delhi – A large amount of sugar has been found in the baby food sold by the ‘Nestle’ company as per the investigation carried out by the website ‘Public Eye’. ‘Consumption of sugar is not good for children’s health. Consumption of sugar can increase the risk of chronic diseases and obesity in children, and they may become addicted to sugar’, the website reported.

1. ‘Nestle’ mentions all the ingredients used in its products on the packaging; but it does not mention sugar. It shows that sugar content is being hidden by Nestle.

2. All ‘Cerelac’ and ‘Baby Products’ sold in India contain an average of 3 grams sugar in the recommended amount. How much Cerelac should be given to children at a time is specified by the company.

3. Countries like Ethiopia in Africa and Thailand in Asia have found up to 6 grams sugar.

4. Interestingly, when these products are sold in developed countries such as Germany and Britain, they do not contain sugar. This shows that ‘Indians are being cheated’.

Editorial Perspective

The Indian Government should immediately take a note of this and ban these Nestle products and verify its other products too.