Shriram Navami processions should not disturb law-and-order in Mumbai : HC directs State Govt and Police

Mumbai – The Bombay High Court has instructed the State Government and the Police to ensure that the Shriram Navami processions, especially in the Malad-Malvani area, do not cause any law-and-order issues.

1. During last year’s Shriram Navami procession held in the Muslim majority area of Malvani (Malad), namaz was being offered at the mosques. At the same time loud drumming was ongoing in the procession. Following a complaint, the bench of Justice Revati Dere and Justice Manjusha Deshpande issued the above order.

2. ‘The Court cannot prevent anyone from organising public processions or meetings; however, it is essential that the Police take all precautionary measures to ensure that no law-and-order issue arises. If any laws are violated, the Police must act accordingly’, the
Court clarified.

3. Based on the assurance that there would be no violation of rules, MLA T Raja Singh was granted permission to organise a meeting in Mira-Bhayandar, noted Justice Dere.

4. ‘Check if the route of the Shriram Navami processions have been altered’, the Court ordered. Advocate General Birendra Saraf assured the bench that no untoward incidents would occur during the processions, and the Police would remain vigilant.