Stone pelting on Dr Ambedkar’s birth anniversary procession by the religious fanatics at Dondaicha (Dist. Dhule)

  • Rioting case registered against 21 individuals
  • 7 religious fanatics arrested so far

Dondaicha – Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s birth anniversary procession was attacked by the religious fanatics by pelting stones here. Rioting charges along with various other sections have been registered against 21 religious fanatics, of which 7 have been arrested so far. The city currently maintains a tense peace, with additional Police forces deployed. The arrested include Sahil Lala Bagwan, Sameer Bagwan, Isaak Mistry, Kallu Pathan, Vihan Bagwan, Kausar Khatik, and Ajya Khatik.

Govinda Nagarale, a resident of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar chowk, has lodged a complaint at the Dondaicha Police station. The complaint reads, ‘on the night of 15 th April at 10:45 p.m., as the procession was moving along the road from Jama Masjid towards Dr Ambedkar statue chowk, a group began pelting stones at the procession to prevent it from passing, injuring some participants and attempting to create panic. All the accused are residents of Dondaicha.’

A case has been registered in this matter. Upon receiving the information, Nilesh More, the officer in charge at Dondaicha Police station, immediately informed the Police headquarters. Given the seriousness of the incident, riot control units, local crime investigation teams, and rapid action squads were deployed.

Shrikant Dhivre, the Superintendent of Police in Dhule, stated, “No major untoward incident has occurred in the city. Only minor incident has been recorded and action will be taken against those involved. The public should not believe any rumors.”

Editorial Perspective

It is clear from this incident that, in the eyes of the religious fanatics, all the non-Muslims are enemies.