A Muslim woman arrested for selling drugs to students in Dombivli, (District Thane)

Drugs worth five and a half lakh rupees seized

Dombivli (Maharashtra) – The Tilak Nagar police in Dombivli have arrested a woman Salma Noor Mohammad Sheikh (65 years old) for selling drugs to youngsters and school students. Morphine worth five and a half lakh rupees was seized from her. To catch the woman, the Police kept a watch from the roof of a school for about a month and when the suspicion of the woman proved right, they arrested her. The accused Salma was also arrested for selling drugs in past in 2015 and after getting released from jail again got involved in selling drugs. Police are investigating from whom she was buying drugs.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Those who are endangering the future of the country by making the young generation addicted should be put in jail for life !
  • Even though drugs are being sold in our area, how come the school or college administration did not find it ?