Palasnath Temple has become an attraction to public for its great condition despite being submerged in water for 46 years in Pune District

Palasnath Temple

Indapur (Dist. Pune) – At Palasdev, the water at the dam is depleting, giving a clear sight of Palasnath Temple and very soon it will be visible fully. Many village rehabilitations 46 years ago have resurfaced after the construction of Ujani dam. The ancient Temple of Shri Palasnath, which submerged in the reservoir, has 1000-year-old history. Despite being under water for 46 years, this Temple is in good condition. During drought this Temple is visible fully. To enjoy the sight, tourists, not only from Maharashtra, but from all over the country, admirers of ancient architecture, scholars of ancient temples, architects, artisans, history-lovers, students etc. come in large numbers. During drought the temple is visible fully and attracts many devotees.

The Shikhar (Highest point) of this 1000-year-old Temple of Hemadpanti architecture, is a testimony to ancient history and has withstood 46 years under water. This Shikhar is built in Saptabhoomij style and is visible towards the North of Pune-Solapur National Highway. The Sanctum sanctorum has marvellous carvings, the hall is built on the beautiful positioning of stone pillars which are an excellent example of architecture.46 years ago, this temple submerged under water and only a part of the Shikhar was visible. The verandahs, other small temples, and the wall around it, had gone under water, yet, the temple stands proudly even today.