Take stringent action against illegal residents in the country

  • Order by the Union Home Ministry
  • However, in Maharashtra, those, appointed for this search operation do not even hold a meeting

Mumbai, 26th March (News) – Union Ministry has ordered a search operation for illegal immigrants.  It has come to light that these immigrants are involved in Anti-National activities. It is a serious problem. Therefore, a monthly review meeting has been ordered, to be reported to the Home Ministry. However, in Maharashtra, the committee appointed for this operation has not held even one meeting in the last 3 months. Sanatan Prabhat has received this information. The indifference of the committee members has caused a lull in this operation against illegal immigrants. (Time has come to act against those responsible for this situation. – Editor)

A committee has been formed under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary of the Home department in Maharashtra to trace the illegal citizens in the State. The committee comprises IG (Law and Order), Commissioner of State Intelligence, Regional Foreign Registration Officer. Foreign National registration Officer and others.

Since there was no meeting at all, in 2023 a notice was issued to review the search operation for illegal foreign nationals. Despite the notice there was no meeting.

The Union Ministry has found out that the number of illegal immigrants was 4,21,000 in 2021. These illegal immigrants are involved in anti-social activities like drug trafficking, prostitution, theft etc.