Christians oppose Koli community’s Holi celebrations in Mumbai; threaten to kill

Christians encroach on Government land

Mumbai – In the Hindu-dominated Koli village of Madh-Lochar near Madh beach in Mumbai, local Christians staged a protest against the Holika burning ceremony and related customs. They also allegedly threatened to kill the Koli community people. A complaint has been filed at the Malvani Police station, alleging that the Police response has been inadequate, limited to issuing a Section 149 notice to the concerned parties.

The Koli community people in this village traditionally celebrate the Holi festival for 15 days, culminating in the burning of Holika on the final day. They have observed this custom since 1964, engaging in folk songs, dances, and rituals during the festive period. However, during this year’s celebrations, Hindus gathering to partake in the festivities were reportedly threatened with violence by Christians, including threats to “crush them with stones if they burn Holi” and verbal abuse.

Previously, Christians had attempted to encroach upon Government premises by pelting stones, hindering the placement of boats during monsoons. Pandurang Koli, Chairman of the ‘Koli Samaj Kruti Samiti’ in the village, has expressed concern over these encroachments, which disrupt both the festival celebrations and the Hindus’ religious sentiments. Social activist Preeti Raut has issued a warning, stating that if the encroachments are not removed promptly, the Koli community will take action to address the issue.

Editorial Perspectives

  • The encroachment of Christians on Government premises is a matter of concern. Hindus should be aware that the true nature of fanatical Christians, who outwardly preach peace and love, is revealed through such acts of arrogance.
  • What do the proponents of pantheism have to say about this situation ?