Muslims attack the Police squad that went to demolish encroachment in Lucknow (UP)

  • Vehicles vandalised
  • Muslims encroach land and attack the administration acting against them.
Residents in Akbar Nagar area, Lukhnow, after stone pelting (Credit – Indian Express)

Lucknow (UP) – In Akbarnagar at Lucknow, the Lucknow Development Authority Team and the Police were attacked by local Muslims while they were on anti-encroachment drive. Vehicles of the Police and the authorities were vandalised. Situation could be brought under control only after the Police re-enforcement arrived. There was also a rumour that during the demolition, some parts of the structure, fell on a few people who died, consequently violence broke out. (It must be investigated whether this rumour was intentional. -Editor)

Editorial Perspective

Those who scream that Muslims are insecure in the country, keep silent about such incidents.