Refrain from religious rituals during Court events : SC Judge Abhay Oka

  • Justice Abhay Oka suggested to pay homage to the Constitution instead
  • Celebrating the completion of 75 years of the Constitution presents a unique opportunity to strengthen secular values – Justice Oka

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New Delhi – Marking the 75th anniversary of India’s adoption of the Constitution, Supreme Court Justice Abhay S Oka has advocated for the cessation of religious rituals, including worship, during Court events. Justice Oka proposed a shift towards a symbolic gesture of reverence to the copy of the Preamble, emphasising the promotion of secularism within the Constitution. He expressed that, as the Constitution reaches its 75th year, it provides a prime opportunity to advance the principles of secularism. Justice Oka underscored the significance of the terms ‘secular’ and ‘democracy’ in the Constitution’s Preamble during his address at the foundation laying ceremony of the new Court building in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra.

Editorial Perspective

While the Constitution of India is inherently secular, it is noteworthy that the first page features an image of Deity Shriram. Most Indians believe that the intent of that image should also be honoured.