Important information for all pensioners : To continue receiving pension, submit your ‘Life Certificate’ in November 2023

Government or non-Government employees get pension every month after retirement. For this, they have to submit a ‘Life Certificate’ every year in the month of November to the bank where their pension is credited. The payment of pension continues the next year only if the ‘Life Certificate’ is submitted. Information on the procedure for submitting such a Certificate is given ahead.

1. Where to submit the ‘Life Certificate’

1A. ‘Digital Life Certificate’ can be submitted at any branch of the associated bank : It is not necessary to go to that branch of the bank where the pension account has been opened to submit the Certificate.

‘Digital Life Certificate (DLC)’ can be submitted to any branch that is close to the pensioner’s present residence along with the following documents; as an example – if an individual has opened a pension account in a bank at its Thane branch and is presently staying in New Delhi – he can submit the Certificate at the same bank’s branch in New Delhi.

1B. Common Service Centres (CSC) have been set up to provide Government and non-Government facilities. The ‘Life Certificate’ can be submitted at these Centres or even at the Post Offices.

For information on CSC in your area, visit

2. Required documents

A. Aadhaar Card and its Xerox copy

B. Bank’s passbook of Pension Account

C. Pension Payment Order (PPO) Number

Thereafter, the bank officer will complete the procedure of issuing the ‘Life Certificate’ to the pensioner.

D. Carry the mobile phone number which has been registered with the Aadhaar Card when you go to the bank or CSC.

DLC is generated and submitted to the concerned pensioner’s company/office that pays pension to him/her. Its printed copy is given to the pensioner, which he/she must preserve.

For more information, visit or contact the associated bank’s branch or the nearest post office.

3. DLC can be submitted from home

The facility to submit DLC from home is available through Post Offices, under which, a postman will visit your residence. It is, however, necessary to have the documents and the registered mobile phone with you.

The Post Office charges a nominal amount for this facility. Contact the local or nearest Post Office for more information. Some nationalized banks may be offering a similar ‘Door step service’. You can contact your bank’s branch for more information.

4. Facility to submit DLC through mobiles

You can submit the ‘Life Certificate’ for yourself or even for others by installing two mobile apps – ‘AadhaarFaceRd’ and ‘JeevanPramaan’ on the mobile. After installing both these apps on your mobile, open the ‘JeevanPramaan’ app and fill in the information as per the instructions.

Some people may find it difficult to fill in the information on a mobile. They can take the help of some reliable and knowledgeable person for this purpose.

5. The ‘Life Certificate’ submitted by pensioners is valid for only one year

Some establishments that pay pensions to Government employees may not be equipped to accept DLC; therefore, such pensioners need to submit the Certificate duly signed by the associated bank’s officer as per the earlier practice.

In such cases, the pensioners can show the necessary documents as mentioned above to the local branch of the associated bank and initiate the further procedure.