A case registered in Karnataka against Hindu nationalist Chakravarty Sulibele

  • Accused of allegedly making insulting statements against Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah
  • Even though no one has complained, the police themselves have registered a case

Chakravarty Sulibele

Karwar (Karnataka) – After allegedly making an insulting statement against Chief Minister Siddaramaiah of the Congress Government in Karnataka, a case was registered against Chakravarty Sulibele. Ever since Siddaramaiah came to power, it has become more and more difficult for Hindus to live. Chakravarty Sulibele had criticised Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Congress leaders by saying that Siddaramaiah is protecting Muslims.

He made this statement when he came to Kadwad in Karwar under the ‘Janganaman Abhiyan’. Even though they did not receive any complaint from anyone the Police registered a case against Sulibele on their own.