‘Laser light’ in Shri Ganeshotsav immersion procession causes blindness in some participants

6 youth from Nashik lost their vision due to burning of their eyes; similar incident in Mumbai, Thane and Dhule

(‘Laser light’ is a light produced by electromagnetic emission)

Nashik, Maharashtra – There are reports of death of some people due to the loud sound system of the ‘DJ’ during the Ganeshotsav immersion procession. Not only because of the noise, but because of the blaze of the ‘laser light,’6 people in Nashik have lost their sight. All these are youth in the age group of 20-25 years. The eyes get affected directly by the ‘laser light’. Similar patients have also been found in Dhule, Mumbai and Thane.

In Nashik there is a ban on the use of DJs in immersion processions; but after 8 years this year DJs were allowed. ‘Laser light’ was also widely used in these processions. Due to the direct exposure to the laser light, these youth first experienced blurring of vision. Then they experienced irritation in their eyes. Rubbing their eyes caused them to bleed. After they were admitted to the hospital, they were examined by an ophthalmologist, black spots were seen in the eyes of some, while some of the youths had burn-like ulcers on their eyes. The names of these youths are not yet known. Therefore, doctors have appealed that the use of ‘laser light’ should be avoided in night processions.