Public toilets in poor condition all over the country : A Survey Report

Dirty public toilet (Credits : East Mojo)

New Delhi – In a survey conducted by the ‘Local Circles’ platform on social media, it has been observed that public toilets all over the country are never clean. They conducted a survey in 341 Districts across the country wherein more than 39,000 responses were received from the people. ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ was started in the country nine years ago on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, but there is no improvement in the situation as per the survey.

Issues pointed out by people

It was stated by 42% of people that the availability of public toilets has gone up in cities or Districts, but 52% of people said that their condition has not improved.

Out of the people who participated in the survey, 37% of people said that the condition of public toilets was average or functional, while 25% of people stated that the condition was worse than average. 16% of people felt that the condition was horrible and 12% of people said that the condition was so bad that they came out without using it.

Most people prefer to go to commercial establishments to use toilets rather than using public toilets.

Barring cities like Delhi, Mumbai, or Bengaluru, if the public toilets are not managed by a renowned social organisation like ‘Sulabh Shauchalaya’, using public toilets is as a bad dream, expressed some people in this survey.

Editorial Perspectives

  • After 76 years of Independence, if such is the condition even now, it shows our backwardness to the world when it comes to cleanliness.
  • India is trying to be the third-largest economy in the world, but such a bad situation about cleanliness is not good in India.