215 Govt officials of Tamil Nadu punished for injustice and rape in the name of conducting a raid 31 years ago


Chennai – The Madras High Court has convicted 215 Government officials for abusing people and raping 18 women when conducting a raid on a settlement in the name of cracking down on sandalwood smugglers. This incident took place 31 years ago at Vachathi in the Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu. Out of the 2 who were raped one was pregnant and the other was just 13-year-old. 17 people have been convicted in this rape case. However, 50 of the accused have died during this case. In 2011, the Sessions Court sentenced the other accused to 1 to 10 years. The sentences of all the accused have been upheld by the High Court.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Such people who abuse their position of power should be imprisoned for life.
  • Since justice has been served in this case after 31 years it is equal to injustice.