Suspected alliance between Khalistanis and Manipuri Christian Kukis in Canada

Ottawa (Canada) – There are reports of an alliance between Manipur’s Christian Kuki community and Khalistani terrorists in Canada. A leader of the ‘North American Manipur Tribal Association’, a Kuki community organisation, had circulated a video on social media showing himself ranting against India. He was speaking outside the same Gurdwara in Surrey (Canada), where Khalistani terrorist Nijjar was killed. After the conflict between India and Canada, he deleted the video. The video was aired on 7th August 2023.

Lien Gangte, who heads this Kuki organisation, said, ‘In Manipur, violence has continued since 3rd May 2023. More than 120 people have been killed so far (till 7th August), while 7,000 houses have been looted and set on fire. Hundreds of churches were set on fire, while 200 villages were destroyed. The administration is not doing anything to stop this; the Police are encouraging the rioters. People of the Kuki community have been evicted from Manipur. Minorities in India, be they Muslims, Sikhs or Christians, are no longer safe. Gangte appealed to the Canadian Government to help them in this regard.

Indian Intelligence Agencies keeping a close watch

Indian Intelligence Agencies as well as the Manipur Government are keeping a close watch on the Gurdwara meeting between Khalistani and the ‘North American Manipur Tribal Association’.

Editorial Perspective

If various minority communities are uniting to carry out anti-India activities, it is vital for the Indian Hindus to unite and establish Hindu Rashtra as early as possible.