Qayamuddin, Jahangir and Sikandar gang-rape a minor girl in a moving car

Despite the victim’s father complaining twice, the Police did not take any action as a result three Policemen were suspended

Kushinagar (UP) – An incident has come to light where a young minor girl was raped in a moving car by 3 men. The victim was dragged along the road and forced into a car. Then she was raped in the moving car. A video of this incident is also circulated on social media. The Police have registered a case against Qayamuddin, Jahangir and Sikandar and arrested them. Action is being taken against them under the POCSO Act. It is said that the victim and the rapist belong to the same sect.

The victim’s father said that his daughter was raped on 9th September. But despite filing a complaint with the Police twice, no action was taken against the rapists. Finally, on 24 September, the Police took note of the incident and took action. Due to this incident, the Superintendent of Police of Kushinagar District Dhaval Jaiswal has suspended 3 officers namely Inspector of Kaptanganj Police Station, Vinay Kumar Singh, Police sub-inspector Mangesh Mishra and woman constable Paalina Singh.

Editorial Perspectives

  • It wouldn’t be surprising if there is a demand to punish such people by tying them up and then stoning them to death according to Sharia law.
  • It is imperative that the Uttar Pradesh Government dismiss such Policemen who turn a blind eye to the sensitive problems of the people.