A school girl dies in an accident caused due to molestation by fanatic Muslim in Ambedkar Nagar (UP)

One molester injured in Police firing while catching the fleeing accused

(Credits : OpIndia)

Ambedkar Nagar (UP) – Two school girls were returning home on their bicycles when two Muslim fanatics molested one of them and pulled her scarf. The student fell off her bicycle and was hit by another two-wheeler and died. The CCTV footage of the incident has been circulated on social media. The Police have arrested the bikers and also the two-wheeler rider who hit the girl. They are identified as Shahbaz, Arbaaz and Faisal. The two molesters are siblings. When the Police went to arrest them, they started running away. The Police opened fire on them. One of them was shot in the leg while the other fell down.

(Disclaimer : The following tweet may contain disturbing visuals. Viewer discretion advised – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoint

The so-called minority community is a “majority” in criminal acts. Please note that none of the political parties, political leaders, pseudo seculars, liberals in the country ever speak against this.