Twelve US Congress members demand action against Dow Chemical 

Union Carbide Corporation a subsidiary of Dow Chemical was responsible for the 1984 Bhopal disaster 

Bhopal Gas Tragedy (Credits : Wikipedia)

Bhopal (MP) – The issue of the Bhopal gas disaster has resurfaced in the US once again. In a letter to the Department of Justice of the country, twelve US Congress members demanded immediate action against Dow Chemical. In 1984, a poisonous gas leak caused more than 2,000 deaths and thousands of permanent disabilities due to this establishment’s Union Carbide project in Bhopal. The Bhopal Court is hearing the criminal case related to this disaster. Dow Chemicals was summoned to Court seven times, but the summons were ineffective. In the 7th summons, the officials of the establishment have once again been asked to appear before the Court on 4th October.

Editorial viewpoint 

How many Indian MPs have made such a demand in the Parliament ?