Church body upset as Kerala priest observes the traditional ‘Vratham’ of Ayyappa for 41 days

Priest returned his church identity card and licence on receiving the show cause notice from the Church

(Photo Credits: Kaumudi Online)

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – The Church issued a show cause notice in harsh terms to a Kerala Priest for completing the 41-day vow of Shri Ayyappa at the famous Sabarimala Temple. The Priest returned his Church identity card and licence immediately upon receiving the notice. Rev Manoj KG, a priest under the Anglican Church of India, has been observing the 41-day-long traditional ‘Vratham’ as part of his plans to go to the temple on a pilgrimage later this month.

Priest Manoj said, “My work is not based on the doctrines of the Church but on the doctrine of God. God has said to love everyone, whatever his caste, his sect or his religion. Do you love God or the Church? You can decide. I have done nothing wrong. My intention is to understand the Hindu Dharma beyond its ritualistic worship, just as I did with the Christian religion.”

Editorial Viewpoint

Why those liberals, atheists, Congress, and the leftists who give sermons to the Hindus about secularism, are not giving the same sermons to the Church?