In Hindu majority area of Dadar (Mumbai), most of the businesses are with Muslims

Mumbai, 21st August (News) – In Dadar, there are Muslim sellers of milk, fruit, vegetables, furniture, newspapers, meat, chappals, bags, juice centres, garages, clothes, coconut water etc. Most of the small and big businesses are taken over by Muslims. It can be noticed that most of the footpath vendors are Muslims. Most of the scrap collectors, barbers and workers in various shops are Muslims. One can see this glaring change in Dadar Market. Some of the shop owners are Hindus but their staff is Muslim. If this continues, there is a possibility that in the coming years, the whole of Dadar Market will be taken over by Muslims.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Should we call it ‘business Jihad’ ?
  • The Constitution of India allows every citizen to do business in any part of the country, yet, seeing the increasing incidences of Love Jihad, Conversion as well as anti-Hindu activities by Muslim fanatics, it is alarming to see that most of the businesses in Hindu majority areas are taken over by Muslims.

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