Pro-Pakistan slogans to cost Rs 1 crore to 13 Muslims in Jaunpur (UP)

  • Houses built on Govt land
  • 15-days given for payment of fine and self-evacuation of encroachments

Jaunpur (UP) – During the procession taken out on Muharram on 29th July 2023, thirty-three Muslims were found raising pro-Pakistan slogans. Their video became viral on social media, after which the Police filed a case against them. Out of those 33 accused, it has been found that 13 of them have built houses by encroaching on District Administration’s land; therefore, they have been served notices to remove the encroachment on their own within fifteen days, besides imposing a total fine of Rs 1 crore on all the accused. The fine imposed on them will vary from a minimum of Rs 32,000 to a maximum of Rs 19.8 lakh, as per the information given by the Government officer. Stringent action will be taken against them if they do not comply within fifteen days.

As per the information given by local media, the incident occurred at Godhana and Kishundaspur, near Mirganj in Jaunpur District. On conducting a probe of the houses of the accused by the local Administration, it was observed that 13 of the accused had encroached upon the Government’s land.

Names of 33 arrested for raising pro-Pakistan slogans are – Sahil Ali, Iddu, Kaif, Mohammad Sharif, Salim, Dilshad, Sajjak’s son Sanjay, Talim, Naushad, Mohammad Ali, Wasim, Afzal, Mohammad Kaif, Ibrar, Aftab, Irshad, Mushtaq, Dilshad Ali, Sher Ali, Rafiq, Ishtiyaq, Aizaz, Ibnain, Majid, Sarfraz, Kaif, Aslam, Mehtab, Abdul Aziz, Mohammad Shamim, Izaz Ahmad, and Mohammad Firoz.

They are residents of Jaunpur District and Prayagraj.

Editorial Viewpoint

Such severe punishment for Anti-National activities will put a curb on these people. The other BJP-led Governments too should bring in such severe rules as UP’s Yogi Adityanath’s Government. It won’t be surprising if people supporting India’s division and so-called secularism would oppose such action.