Govt extends period to present the proposal for Dr Zakir Hussain Madarasa Modernisation Scheme

Raigad, 10th August – The Government has extended the timespan for madarasas to present a complete proposal for Dr Zakir Hussain Madarasa Modernisation Scheme till 10th August. The madarasas are supposed to present proposals to the District Planning Committee in the Collector’s office.

In order to bring the students from various age groups in madarasas in the mainstream they should be taught
science, math, social science, Hindi, Marathi, English, and Urdu along with the traditional religious knowledge. This is the main purpose of the proposal. Similarly, modernisation is necessary for granting scholarships to deserving candidates, increasing their employment opportunities and improving their financial condition. This scheme will be for providing basic facilities for the modernisation of madarasas, funds for the library, salaries of the teachers, etc.

Editorial Viewpoints

No matter how much the madarasas are modernised, the Muslims will always be given the teachings to kill the non-Muslims. They will be religious fanatics even after modernisation. Please note that many terrorists are highly educated and they have used their knowledge for jihadi activities. The public would like to know how many Muslims have come to the mainstream after modernisation.