Stone-pelting on Bhagva Yatra by Muslims in Muslim-majority Nuh (Haryana) : Some injured

Nuh (Haryana) – Muslims started stone-pelting from roofs of their houses in Muslim-majority Nuh District in Haryana on the Bhagva Yatra held by Hindu organisations. (Muslims are ever ready with stones, sticks and other life-threatening weapons, but Hindus are never prepared for self-defense. – Editor) Some vehicles were damaged and set on fire. Gun firing in the air too has been reported.

Presently, situation there is very tense; Police have been deployed in large numbers. (How did the intelligence agencies not get any information on these attacks of fanatic Muslims on Bhagva Yatra ? If this is the state of their functioning, how would such Police get information about terrorists ? – Editor)

Monu Manesar alleged accused in one Muslim’s murder sent a video about his participation in the Bhagva Yatra. Muslims were protesting against this video.

Editorial perspective

  • Hindus suffer in Muslim-majority areas. Hypocrite secularists, progressives turn a blind eye towards such incidents.
  • Hindus are unsafe in Muslim majority areas, whereas Muslims in Hindu-majority areas bully Hindus.
  • Hindus expect security from the BJP Government in Haryana in Muslim-majority areas.

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