Muslim students threaten to kill a Hindu student for applying tilak on forehead at school

  • Incident at Alwar (Rajasthan)
  • A Muslim student’s relative broke into the school and beat up the Hindu student
  • Threatened to kill if he does not accept Islam

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Alwar (Rajasthan) – A Hindu student was beaten up by the Muslim students of the school after he came with a tilak on his forehead in a Government Higher Secondary School in Chauma village here. Also the parents of the Muslim boy entered the school and abused the Hindu student. A case has been registered against six people in this case.

On 25th July, Muslim students had protested against this Hindu student for applying a tilak on the forehead. The next day some other Hindu students also came to the school with tilak. Then the Muslim students opposed them as well. At this time, the principal tried to mediate between the students of both the groups. The headmaster said that no one should have any objection to the tilak.

On the morning of 27th July, there was a dispute again in the school. This time 7-8 Muslim students threatened a Hindu student studying in class 11 and tried to wipe the tilak on his forehead. Later, when the student was going to complain to the principal, he was beaten up by the Muslim students. Yusuf, a relative of the Muslim student, came to know about this and he also reached the school and he also beat up the Hindu student and ran away.

The Hindu student said that the Muslim student and his relative threatened him to convert to Islam. They threatened that if he does not become a Muslim, they will kill him. After this, after a complaint was lodged with the Police, a case was registered against 6 persons. A large number of Police were also deployed in the village.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • It is clear from this incident that the Congress Government in Rajasthan is the Pakistani regime !
  • The fact that the Muslim students studying in the school oppose the tilak of a Hindu student shows that that they do not believe in ‘All-Religions-Are-Equal’. Why are Hindus following this suicidal ‘All-Religions-Are-Equal’ principle ?

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