Police arrested two religious fanatic Muslims who killed a Hindu youth in Delhi

Murdered out of anger for making a video with a Muslim woman

New Delhi – Police have arrested Ashfaq and Meraj in connection with the murder of Rajkumar (20) who made a video with a Muslim woman. The murder took place on 2nd July. Rajkumar was a resident of the Araria District in Bihar. The woman with whom Rajkumar was making the video was Ashfaq’s sister-in-law. Ashfaq suspected that his sister-in-law had an immoral relationship with Rajkumar. Rajkumar’s body was found in the garden. The Police realised that the body found on the CCTV was that of Rajkumar.

Editorial perspective

Please note that the religious fanatic Muslims kill Hindu youth just for making a video with a Muslim woman, but religious fanatic Muslims sexually exploit Hindu girls by trapping them into Love Jihad, converting them. This strategy is acceptable to them, but not when Hindu youth are seen with Muslim women.

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