France will become an Islamic country through jihad : Palestinian Maulana

  • Palestinian Maulana Abu Taqi Al-Din Al-Dari old video
  • One day all the countries will be Islamic countries

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Paris (France) – Despite all the emergency meetings held by the French President Emanuel Macron the violence of the fanatic Muslims is not stopping. Some are blaming this on the Muslim refugees living in France. In the meantime, an old video of a Palestine Maulana Abu Taqi Al-Din Al-Dari became viral on social media. In which he is saying “France will become an Islamic country through jihad; the entire world will be subject to Islamic rule.”

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Palestinian cleric Abu Taqi Al-Din Al-Dari addressed Al-Aqsa mosque-goers –

He stressed that Muslims need a state that would enable them to deliver the message of Islam to the Western world. Abu Taqi Al-Din Al-Dari also expressed his view on differing attitudes towards marriage, saying that French and German youth tend not to opt for marriage and are not striving to get settled down, whereas the Muslims value such unities among couples. Therefore, the cleric assumed that by 2050, France will be inhabited mostly by Muslims, rather than French people.

But it is not these numbers that we are counting on to turn France into an Islamic country. What we are counting on is that – Muslims must have a country that will bring Islam its guidance, its light, its message, and its mercy–to the people (of the West) through Jihad for the sake of Allah”…….He added, “When people see the justness, light, guidance and mercy of Islam, “they will enter the religion of Allah in droves”…….The cleric added further, “Not so long ago, only 400 years ago at the time of the Ottoman state, Muslims conquered Poland and Austria. The Islamic State reached the walls of Vienna, the capital of Austria, and the call to prayer was recited there. All the countries of the former USSR were under the auspices of the Islamic State–the countries of Caucasus and what is beyond them. Muslim Mongols ruled China until 1644 AD, all these events portend that the Islamic nation is capable of returning to its former self and spreading Islam. Thus, the rule of Islam will spread, to the entire world in one of the three ways: conversion to Islam, payment of jaziya or we will ask for Allah’s help and fight them.”

Editorial Viewpoint

Islam is called a peaceful religion. Then why are the ‘Islam Cooperation Organisation’ and the all Islamic scholars not saying anything when a Maulana broadcasts this video and the violence in France continues ? Why do they not stand up and protest against these things ?