No OTT platform ready to buy ‘The Kerala Story’ film : Director Sudipto Sen

Director Sudipto Sen alleges of a conspiracy against his film

OTT (Over The Top) platform means a platform showing programmes that can be viewed on mobile phones or computers using internet

Mumbai – The film ‘The Kerala Story’ which is based on the incidents of Love Jihad in Kerala, received huge response across the country. The film depicts how Hindu and Christian girls from Kerala were trapped through romantic relationships and later converted and recruited for the Islamic State. Filmmakers are now trying to release this movie on the OTT platform; but it seems no platform is ready to buy it. Film director Sudipto Sen has alleged of a conspiracy against his film. The film was not released in the States of Bengal and Tamil Nadu due to opposition from the respective State Governments.

Sudipto Sen said, ‘We have not received a suitable proposal from any OTT platform yet. We are trying. It seems that the film industry is standing against us and trying to punish us. A lot of people are jealous of the earnings of our film. No major OTT platform is ready to buy our film’.

Editorial Viewpoint

‘The Kerala Story’ is an example of how a film showing oppression of Hindus faces opposition. Hindus must unite and establish Hindu Rashtra to stop such incidents.

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