China again supports Pakistani terrorist in the United Nations

Blocked the proposal to declare Sajeed Mir as a global terrorist

PM Modi and China’s President Xi Jinping (Credit : Swarajya)

New York (US) – China blocked India and United States’ joint proposal in the United Nations to declare the Pakistani terrorist Sajeed Mir a global terrorist. He is absconding after the terrorist attack in Mumbai on the 26th of November 2008. Sajeed Mir is a terrorist with the Lashkar-e-Toiba. If the proposal had been passed then Mir’s wealth would be frozen, his travel banned, and prevented his arms business. In September, China had clearly said to keep the proposal in abeyance, but now China has vetoed the proposal.

In this context, today Foreign Ministry’s Joint Secretary Prakash Gupta played a recording of Sajeed Mir. In it Sajeed Mir can be seen giving instructions to the terrorists involved in the Mumbai attack. He is telling them to kill all foreign nationals who are in the Taj Mahal Hotel. 15 years after the attack Sajeed is still seen roaming free and enjoying all the benefits in Pakistan.

Terrorist Sajeed Mir (Credit : HinduPost)

We have such global terrorists, but some countries for their own territorial benefit do not declare this in the United Nations. This means that these countries do not have the political desire to fight the threat of terrorism.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • On the one hand China keeps consistently vetoing in the UN, on the other China imprisons more than 10 lakh Uyghur Muslims to prevent any jihadi activity on their soil. Why does India not highlight this dual attitude of China ?
  • India should pressurise at the international level to take away the power of veto from China, which opposes proposals of public benefits out of jealousy.

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