Tourist submarine missing in Atlantic Ocean while visiting Titanic wreckage

Image of Titanic

New Delhi – The giant passenger ship ‘Titanic’, on its way from Southampton (England) to New York (USA), sank after hitting an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean near Newfoundland, Canada, on 15th April 1912. In 1985, the remains of the ship were discovered in the deep sea. In the Atlantic Ocean, a submarine carrying five tourists to see the Titanic wreckage went missing. To locate the submarine, a search and rescue operation has been launched. Tourists and experts occasionally take small submarines to see where the Titanic sank. An eight-day package costs $250,000 per person. It takes 8 hours to reach the Titanic wreckage and return. Nearly 600 kilometers off the coast of Canada lies the wreckage of the Titanic, which lies 3,800 meters (12,500 ft) below the Atlantic Ocean.

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