The Police remove a banner asking Hindus not to worship the mazar

A case from Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh)

Muzzafarnagar (Uttar Pradesh) – A man called Rajesh Goyal had recently put up a banner in front of a mazar near the town hall. It made an appeal that ‘Hindus should not worship the mazar’. But the Police quickly removed this banner from that place.

The banner read ‘All our Hindu brethren are requested to please stop worshipping the mazar immediately. It is not a part of our Sanatan Dharma. Hence I request all my Sanatani brothers to please stop worshipping the mazar.’ At the end of this banner was a sentence which read ‘Jai Hindu Rashtra’.

Rajesh Goyal told the media that the BJP Government in Uttarakhand is taking action against illegal mazars. Hence, we request the Uttar Pradesh Government to also demolish all the illegal mazars in the State with bulldozers. (Actually, the Government should take action on its own on this issue instead of being told to do so ! – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoint

Since Hindus do not have education on Dharma, they commit such acts of worshipping mazar. An urgent need of the hour is for all Hindu organisations to awaken & guide Hindus by holding classes on Dharma-education in as many places as possible. Also to guide Hindus regarding sadhana.

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