PM Narendra Modi to inaugurate new parliament building on 28th May

New building is 17,000 m2 larger than the old building

(Credit : TOI)

New Delhi – Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new parliament building on 28th May. The building has been constructed under ‘Central Vista Project’. The foundation of this new triangular building was laid on 10th December 2020 and the construction began on 15th January 2021.

The current building was constructed 96 years ago, in 1927 AD. The Union Government had said in the parliament that the current building was overused and it is in bad condition. Also as per the new policy of Lok Sabha, number of MPs would increase and there is not enough space in the current building to accommodate this increased number.

Features of the new parliament building

  • 4 storeyed earthquake resistant building
  • Total area of 64,500 square meter
  • 3 gates named Gyan dwar, Shakti dwar and Karma dwar
  • Separate entrance for MPs and VIPs

Comparison between the current and the new building

House / Sitting capacity Current building New building
Lok Sabha 590 888
Rajya Sabha 280 384
Joint session 436 plus some additional space 1272

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