Rajasthan Administration now going to rehabilitate Pak Hindu refugees after demolishing their houses in Jaisalmer

Demolished houses of Pak Hindu refugees (Credit : Swarajya)

Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) – In the Amar Sagar area, 50 houses of Hindu refugees from Pakistan were demolished by the administration citing them as illegal. Their action was severely criticised by the people of India. Hence, now the Collector Tina Dabi is trying to rehabilitate these Hindus. It was Tina Dabi who had ordered the demolition of these Hindu houses. After the action, Collector Tina Dabi arranged for food and water for the now-displaced Hindus. Alternative arrangements for their living were also made. Journalist Swati Goyal Sharma has tweeted a video of this action and claimed that the houses of these Hindu refugees were demolished with the bulldozers and a hut was set on fire. The video shows frightened women and children because their hut was set on fire.

(Credit : Republic World)

Editorial Viewpoint

Please note that the administration has been compelled to rehabilitate them, because of the protests across the country. It is necessary that Hindus should unite in such a manner the administration will not dare to act against Hindus irrespective of whether they are from India or Pakistan.

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