Religious fanatics riot for playing the song of Shriram in wedding procession in District Buldhana

13 injured, 15 arrested

Chikhli (Buldhana) – On 7th May, during a wedding ceremony at a house here, the song of Shriram was played by the DJ. While the wedding procession of the groom was passing through the Sailaninagar area, the religious fanatics asked him to stop the song. Suddenly, fanatics started pelting stones on this wedding procession. (This means that the riots were pre-planned. What measures will the Government permanent put a curb on the fanatics, who always find an excuse for starting riots ? – Editor)

More than 13 people from were injured in this stone-pelting. They have been admitted to the hospital. The Police were called who resorted to lathicharge to disperse the crowd. The fanatics vandalised the DJ’s system. (The Police should immediately ask the religious fanatics to pay the expenses of the hospital and the damage to the DJ’s music system. – Editor) At this time, the fanatics shouted slogans like ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. (It will not be surprising if someone demanded that those who make such declarations be sent to starve in bankrupt Pakistan. – Editor)

(Credit : Times Now Navbharat)

Shiv Sena MLA Sanjay Gaikwad has said that ‘the accused who raised slogans of Pakistan will not be released’. BJP MLA Shweta Mahale and MP Prataprao Jadhav visited the area and appealed to the citizens to maintain peace. Police have registered a case against 30 people and arrested 15 for rioting.

Editorial Viewpoint

When will the Government take note of how difficult it has become for Hindus to even sing the song of Shriram in their country ? It is not expected that such incidents will continue to happen when there is a pro-Hindu Government in the State.

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