The screening of The Kerala Story cancelled in the UK

‘British Board of Film Classification’ accused that no factual reason has been given for this decision

London (United Kingdom) – Some secular political parties and organisation find the truth shown in ‘The Kerala Story’ unpalatable, now the United Kingdom too has cancelled the release of the film without giving any factual reason. ‘The British Board of Film Classification’ has not yet given permission to release the film. The film was to be released in Britain on the 12th of May in 31 cinema theatres in Hindi and Tamil language. But now there is a ban on selling of tickets for the movie and the show has been cancelled.

The Board said the process of giving the Classification to The Kerala Story is in progress. As soon as the ‘Age rating Classification’ is given the film will be released in the United Kingdom

(Credit : NewsX)

Suresh Varsani the director of ‘Twenty-four seven Fliks for you’ and the distributor for the film said that this is extremely worrying. I had given to the Board the films in all three languages Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam on the 10th of May. The age Classification process was expected to be done on that day itself. No reason is being given for the delay in the certification. This delay is going cause us a loss of Rs 50 lakh.

The ‘Hindu Community Organisation’ which represents 45,000 Hindus and Jains in the United Kingdom, has given a written petition to the board and requested an inquiry into the matter at the earliest.

The film has already been released in the US, India, Australia, Canada, and Ireland.

Editorial Viewpoint

If the accusation is true then who is the invisible entity responsible for the decision should be investigated. The Hindus should raise a worldwide protest and pressurise the British Government to release the film in Britain.