‘The Kerala Story’ movie represents height of falsehood : NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad

NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad misinterprets facts

NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad

Thane (Maharashtra) – The film ‘The Kerala Story’ represent height of falsehood. The actual situation in Kerala is different. Kerala citizens living abroad send 36% of their foreign money to India. Last year they remitted Rs 2.36 Lakh Crore. NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad tweeted, Kerala’s literacy rate is 96%, while India’s is at 76%. (What does literacy in Kerala have to do with love jihad ? By making such strange statements Jitendra Awhad is fooling himself when even educated young women are victims of love jihad – Editor)

(Credit : The Economic Times)

Editorial viewpoints

  • Awhad didn’t like Hindu community being awakened against ‘Love Jihad’ through the film, so he is trying to falsify it. Such statements will not fool the public.
  • In the past, Awhad opposed the encounter with jihadi terrorist Ishrat Jahan. It is a stigma to democracy when politicians like Awhad constantly sycophantize religious fanatics and promote anti-national views to gain votes.
  • Why is Awhad silent about the incidents of – 2,200 girls went missing from Maharashtra in March, six Hindu girls fled with Muslims in Ulhasnagar within a month ?

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