Radical Muslims beat up a Bajrang Dal worker

  • WhatsApp status of having watched ‘The Kerala Story’ film angered the perpetrators
  • Radical Muslims threatened to behead the Bajrang Dal worker

VHP and Bajrang Dal activists lodge Police complaint

Jodhpur (Rajasthan) – Abhishek Sargara, a Bajrang Dal worker, was beaten up by the radical Muslims for posting a WhatsApp status of ‘The Kerala Story’ film. A case has been registered against Ali, Aman and Pintoo. These 3 also threatened Abhishek of beheading.

Will respond to the accused in their own language – VHP

Abhishek posted on his WhatsApp status, ‘The Kerala Story is a good film. Every young girl in the world should watch this film to avoid her religious conversion’. Angered by this, Ali, Aman and Pintoo stopped him while he was returning home at night. They asked Abhishek why he was disgracing Islam. Abhishek countered by asking what was wrong in the WhatsApp status posted. As Abhishek did not have his mobile phone with him, he took them to his house. When he showed his WhatsApp status to them, they beat him up and ran away. The workers of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad filed an FIR subsequently and demanded the arrest of the perpetrators. VHP leader Jitendra Sharma said, ‘The accused will get a response in their own language’.

Editorial Viewpoint

It appears that in Rajasthan, due to Congress party’s rule, Muslims get free hand for their radical activities. As the perpetrators in this case are Muslims, there will be no action by the Congress Government. The Congress Government is indeed equivalent to the Pakistani Government !

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