A Buddhist Temple was demolished and Tirupati Temple was built : Actor Chetan

Karnataka Actor Chetan’s ‘Discovery’ !

(Left side) Karnataka Actor Chetan

Bangalore (Karnataka) – Kannada actor Chetan in an interview on a YouTube channel said that a Buddhist Temple was destroyed and, in its place, the Tirupati Devasthan has been built.  The Hindus are extremely annoyed and are expressing their displeasure.

Actor Chetan said,

1. ‘Tirupati was originally a Buddhist Temple’, this has been said by K Jamnadas in his book ‘Tirupati originally a Buddha Temple’ (14 April 2001). Historians say that there were no Temples in the Vedic culture. They were taken over from the Buddhists. (Chetan is following Goebbels doctrine ‘tell lies but say it so often that it is believed to be the truth’ – Editor)

2. Karnataka does not need BJP’s Hindutva, instead, it needs the doctrines of Periyar and Dr Ambedkar. (Which doctrine is needed by whom, will be decided by the people. Chetan need not decide for them ! – Editor) And they do not need the token Hindutva of Congress, Janata Dal (Secular), and Aam Admi Party too. None of the political parties are proposing the doctrine of transformation.

3. Democracy gives the right to speak the truth. I can speak of the truth I perceive. I say only that for which I have proof. If you have proof then please show it. Prove that there was an individual named Ram, and that he was born here. (Will actor Chetan have the courage to challenge other religions in this manner ? – Editor)

4. Actually, all these Devasthans were Buddha Vihars. Vedic period is between 1500 BC to 500 BC. After that Buddha came. In the Vedic period, homas and yajnas were performed but there were no Devasthans and Temples. In the Ashoka period, post-Buddha, Buddhism expanded and Buddhist Stupas and Vihars came into being. Thereafter, when the Brahmins and the Vedic tradition returned, 84,000 Buddha Vihars were destroyed and Vedic Temples were built in their place. It is said that Vedic temples were made on the Buddha Vihar’s after killing Buddhist monks. Till then Devasthans did not exist. Because Vedic tradition has Yajnas. For this there is proof. (Those who make these laughable statements and give proof for their statement should first think about why Buddhism stopped being practiced in India. – Editor)

5. Primarily Tirupati and Kedarnath have been built in this way. Tirupati Devasthan was earlier a Buddhist Temple. Historical proof suggests that 84,000 Buddhist Vihars were there. All of them were built by King Ashok and those who came after him

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Chetan should be given a prize for his discovery !
  • Actor Chetan is confused because of reading the untrue History concocted by the communist historians. Chetan denies the glorious history of the Hindus by painting them as invaders. The Hindus should oppose Chetan through constitutional means.