‘Devbhumi Corridor’ (well-equipped road) to be developed in Dwarka !

A 108 feet statue will be established in the form of Bhagwan Dwarkadhish

Dwarka (Gujarat) – After Kashi Vishwanath in Varanasi, ‘Mahakal Lok’ in Ujjain and Mathura Corridor (well-equipped road), the ‘Devbhumi Corridor’ is now coming up in Dwarka. It will be developed as the biggest spiritual center in Western India. Shivrajpur beach will also be developed. The work of this corridor will start from Gokulashtami.

1. The Bet (Island) Dwarka here will be made world-class. Many projects including eco-tourism, water sports, and Dolphin viewing gallery will start here.

2. All the temples in Dwarka will be connected. These include Dwarkadhish Temple, Rukmini-Balram Temple, Sanwaliyaji Temple, Govardhannath Temple, Mahaprabhu Baithak, Vasudev, Hanuman Temple to Narayan Temple.

3. There is a historical tree in the courtyard of the Lakshminarayan temple. Rushi Durwasa did penance there. The form of this will also be changed. Gopi lake will also be rebuilt. After the Mahabharat, all the Gopis merged in this lake. The soil in this lake is called ‘Gopichandan’.

4. A bridge connecting Okha to Bet(Island) Dwarka is in progress here. This 2,320-meter-long four-lane road has been called the longest ‘Cable Stay Bridge’ in the country.

5. A 108 feet statue will be made in the form of Bhagwan Dwarkadhish. This will be said to be the tallest statue of  Shrikrushna. This statue will be established in Panchkui area on the banks of River Gomati. Bhoomipujan will be done on Janmashtami.

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