Did Bhagawan Shriram advise that weapons be carried in the processions ?

Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee questions the BJP post the Ramnavmi riots !

Kolkata (Bengal) – “I have to be always alert. These BJP people can start rioting anywhere. Did Bhagawan Shriram advise them to carry weapons in their processions”, Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asked such meaningless question while talking to a news channel. She was speaking about the attacks on the processions taken out across the State, by BJP and pro-Hindu organisations. (Her statement shows that her Government has to be dissolved as it is a total failure in maintaining law and order in the State. – Editor)  

1. Mamata Banerjee said, it is an act of violence. We don’t believe in violence. Bengal’s citizens do not like violence. She also accused BJP of bringing thugs to Bengal from other places.

2. BJP’s regional president Sukanta Majumdar had earlier accused Mamata Banerjee of being the Chief Minister of a particular religion, not all Bengal’s citizens. Majumdar had organised a ‘dharna’ at Shrirampur in Hooghly, but the local Administration didn’t allow it.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Muslim appeaser Mamata Banerjee’s senselessly  comments disparagingly about Hindu Deities !
  • Why doesn’t she try to find out whether fanatic Muslims are advised to attack Hindus from mosques during Ramzan ?
  • Who will find out why Hindus are attacked, after Friday’s namaz ?
  • Please note that when it is clear that had Hindus carried weapons in the processions, they would not have been at the receiving end, still, Mamata Banerjee is deliberately accusing Hindus ! 

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