Hindu customer forced to wipe off tilak at Karjat D-Mart by its employee

Bajrang Dal activists warn employee

Raigad – Karjat D-Mart employee forces a Hindu customer wipe off his tilak on his forehead on the day of Ramnavami. Soon after learning about this shocking incident, the local Bajrang Dal activists went to D-Mart and warned the staff head who did this.

The employee could not respond as to why he made the customer wipe off his tilak. He stuttered and hesitantly gave the reason that they do not discriminate and treat all religions with equality. When asked why a Muslim customer was not asked to remove his cap, he went mum. Bajrang Dal activists warned him that they will lodge a complaint with the Police if this repeats. (Kudos to Bajrang Dal activists speaking up for the Hindu customer and warning those who try to bully Hindus – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoint

It is infuriating that Hindus have to go through this in a Hindu majority country India.