Pakistanis also believe that India’s partition was a mistake : H.H. Sarsanghchalak (Dr) Mohanji Bhagawat

H.H. Sarsanghchalak (Dr) Mohanji Bhagawat

Bhopal (MP) – “The partition between India and Pakistan is artificial. The people of Pakistan now feel that partition was a mistake,” said H.H. Sarsanghchalak (Dr) Mohanji Bhagawat. He was speaking at a Sindhi community programme here. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was also present on this occasion. He announced that “The history of Sindhi icons will be taught in the school curriculum of Madhya Pradesh. The life stories of Samrat Dahir Sen, and Hemu Kalani will be included in the syllabus.”

Sarsanghchalak further said,

1. We want to build a new India. India is divided. The relationship with that (Pakistan) land is forever. We cannot forget Sindhu (Indus) culture. The Suktas of the Indus River are in the Vedas. We cannot break this bond. We will not forget the Sindh region, because this division is artificial. Today, the people of what we call Pakistan are saying that it was a mistake. Everyone believes this. Because of their bigotry, they got separated from India, from the culture. Are they happy ?

2. Those who came here from there (from Pakistan) to live with India, made themselves stand by their own efforts. Akhand Bharat (United India) is the truth, a divided India is a nightmare. India will have to settle there again. If time comes again, you can settle India there. The first requirement for this is to keep in mind the preparedness of the society of that time to sacrifice everything.  Not to forget Sindh means the new generation will have to be connected there, the community should come together for this.

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