Chennai Police deny permission to a Ramnavami procession despite the High Court’s order !

Chennai – Though the Court gave permission for a Ramnavami procession to Hindu Organisations, the Police denied the procession to go ahead. It has infuriated the Hindus.

On the 28th of February the ‘Bharat Hindu Munnani’ applied for permission to take out Ramnavami procession at the Chennai Police Commissioner’s office. As they did not get any reply even after 15 days the  Bharat Hindu Munnani filed a petition in the Court requesting permission for the Ramnavami procession. The hearing was scheduled for the 28th of March. Counsel Santhosh who appeared for the Greater Chennai Police contended that there is a possibility of jeopardising religious harmony due to the fact that it is passing through a Muslim-majority locality.  Hearing the arguments, the judge closed the case by directing the Bharat Hindu Munnani to submit a fresh petition before the city Police to take the procession through an alternative route and the Police should consider this and take a decision. In accordance with the Court’s decision the Bharat Hindu Munnani filed a fresh application for a different route. Yet the Police denied them permission for the procession on the 30th of March. It is being said that the Police are denying permission under the pressure from Tamil Nadu’s DMK Government and ignoring the Court’s injunction. (What kind of maintenance of Law and Order can be expected from a Police which behaves like a handmaiden of the ruling political party ? – Editor) The Bharat Hindu Munnani has decided to appeal in Court against this action of the Police. The Bharat Hindu Munnani on the 30th of March demonstrated against the Government and Police.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • It is necessary to take strict action against the Police that are contemptuous of the Court’s order !
  • What else can be expected from the Hinduphobic DMK Government ?

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